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Our Practices & Core Values

Our core values and practices revolve around the unwavering commitment to streamline dental operations. Integrity forms the cornerstone of our approach, as we uphold the highest ethical standards in every interaction. We prioritize transparency, ensuring clear communication between insurance companies, dental practitioners, and staff, fostering trust and long-lasting relationships. Our dedication to innovation drives us to constantly seek new ways to enhance administrative processes, leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and accuracy. Empathy is at the heart of our culture, as we empathize with both patients and dental professionals, understanding their unique needs and challenges. Through continuous learning and development, we empower our team to stay abreast of industry trends and regulations, guaranteeing the delivery of services that are not only effective but also compliant. We strive to revolutionize dental administration by enabling dental practitioners to focus on what matters most: exceptional oral care.

Meet our Founder

Jenny Govar’s extraordinary ability to nurture and balance the dynamics of a loving household seamlessly translates into her role as a dental administrator. With a family-oriented spirit, Jenny extends her nurturing touch to her professional endeavors, ensuring that the dental practice operates harmoniously and efficiently. Her experience in managing a bustling household with five children and a devoted husband has honed her organizational skills and multitasking abilities to perfection. With over fifteen years of experience in the dental field, Jenny deftly coordinates the intricacies of dental administration. Her unique journey as a dedicated wife and mother lends a distinctive depth to her role in dental administration, where her remarkable skills and heartfelt approach continue to elevate patient experiences and contribute to the practice’s success.

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